Tony Wong

As an executive coach, Tony combines learnings from 20 years of working with organizations and business leaders, his expertise in Agile processes and cultural change, and the practices of Zen, to help leaders achieve goals, optimize performance and increase satisfaction. His distinct method of coaching is described as unique, highly effective, empathetic and insightful; a blend of customized mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and practical application to your daily life.  

With over 20 years’ experience as an innovator in the field of leadership, productivity, and management, Tony specializes in devising new way for companies to view and develop their leaders resulting in increased levels of satisfaction and performance, for the individual and the enterprise.

Through his business consultancy, Digital Onion, Tony and his team have been leveraging their expertise in leading organizational change management initiatives for the past two decades, to help prepare companies for the leadership challenges of the digital economy. They’ve guided over 200 teams to successfully complete hundreds of complex projects. Digital Onion’s methods produce Agile leaders and Agile company cultures based on collaboration, teamwork, and rapid innovation.

For the past 15 years, Tony has been training under two Masters in traditional Japanese Zen. He is versed in both Soto, “let the mountain come to you” Zen, and Rinzai, “get your ass up the mountain” Zen, and incorporates both schools of thought into his coaching programs. He’s leveraged his 3000+ hours in meditation to develop innovative tools (adapters) for an applied approach to mindfulness and EQ. Check out Tony’s brain here. These adapters allow executives to experience the benefits of mindfulness — the ability to access states of optimal flow resulting in peak performance and greater results  — without spending years in meditation. Tony’s experience as an instructor in a form of mixed-martial arts developed by a Navy Seal combat instructor has also influenced his leadership coaching.