Using Agile methodology to produce innovation.

The Challenge

In today’s working world, most of us have reached our max. Highly successful leaders have been operating at full speed for their entire careers amidst a growing deluge of information. There is no faster to go and no more time in the day, yet we still have higher aspirations.

How will we get to the next level?

By breaking through the limitations of the mind. Applied Agile combines mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to produce greater results with less effort. By unlocking your hidden potential, you’ll not only find a greater ease in your work but also find meaning and purpose.

We call this being in the zone or a state of flow.

“There isn’t anybody saying I need to do these 20 things by tomorrow. I’m the one who organizes my schedule. And I make it very hectic because I feel like it’s important to always get a lot of stuff done. In a way, I’m the person who’s blocking my own performance.”

Program Participant


We work specifically in agile industries – environments that are disruptive, volatile, and likely to pivot. We train leaders to thrive at the intersection of speed, volume, and change.



We take leaders to the next level by both expanding their strengths and unlocking hidden potential. Our coachees build the skills necessary to produce more with less effort, expand creative thinking, make decisions with clarity, communicate powerfully, build stronger relationships and ultimately create better teamwork.

“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

Albert Einstein

We Produce Sustainable Performance

Our program has a cultural impact in the following areas:


More Results in Less Time

We teach practical tools for focus and peak performance, enabling leaders to see the right targets and create the maximum business impact.

If I can continue to be in the zone in those complicated situations, I can navigate this to the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

The end result of it is – overall, I feel like my work life is in much better order. I have a stronger sense of confidence with all the different parts.   

– Program Participant, President


Resilient Leaders

We produce anti-fragile leaders who are resilient in high-stress situations, thrive in rapidly changing environments and are not in danger of burning out.

I’m just looking at it in a non-judgemental way. I see things pretty clearly. If I can continue to stay there, we’ll all get through this stronger as a team and everybody will win. 

I’ve been in the zone with things. I had my best delivery with a speech I didn’t prepare for. My peers said, “I just learned a lot about leadership from watching you. Thank you!”

– Program Participant, VP


Next Level Leadership Growth

We train leaders to be half Navy Seal, half zen master – to unlock their creative insight, and to achieve next level growth.

That day, I realized there were teams doing things that were totally on track, and I didn’t need to be checking it. I was like, wow, the ship is moving forward, the things I was worried about weren’t valid concerns. I was able to tackle this hugely complex project and the rest of the team was still moving in the same direction.

– Program Participant, VP



Powerful communication practices for quickly understanding others, communicating a vision, and producing safety/trust

No amount of information in the world was able to make a difference. The thing that moved the needle entirely was an emotional, connection, trust…a human thing. It really did.

– Program Participant, CEO

The Program

Our program is tailored to the size and needs of your organization. It includes a combination of:


Individual coaching

90 minute coaching sessions every other week provide a tactical forum for exploring the principles of our program.


Group trainings

Group training allows for unique community learning and the opportunity to leverage the insights and practices with teammates.


Experiential tools

Coachees are trained in 12 tools for accessing flow states, gaining clarity of vision, and producing teamwork through alignment.


Expert Talks

Experts in neuroscience, zen practice, sports psychology, and navy seal training bring their unique perspective during monthly talks.

Is your game flat-lining? Time to level up.

The Results

In a survey of Applied Agile program participants:


reported an increase in

Peak Performance States


reported an increase in

Overall Productivity


reported an increased in ability to

Manage Emotions

Who we’ve trained

Our Team


Tony Wong

As an executive coach, Tony combines learnings from 20 years of working with organizations and business leaders, his expertise in…


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Melissa has studied and practiced mindfulness, emotional intelligence, effective communication and team building for the past twenty years. She began with…

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